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A retrospective exhibition 100 Years of Russian Poster, organized by Atelier Wolff, presents a representative selection of 120 works from a hundred-year history of that form of art in Russia. The posters come from a collection of The Russian State Library in Moscow and were made available to us by a Moscow publishing company Kontakt-Kultura.




The collection reveals the history of Russian posters from Art Nouveau, through the times of Revolution and World War II, hardships of building socialism, conquest of space, to Perestroika.



 It’s a selection of works of different subject matter – advertisement, culture, agitation, war, society. It presents various trends in art, from Taburin’s, Ponomarenko’s and Kalmanson’s Art Nouveau, through Lissitzky’s, Rodchenko’s and Mayakovsky’s constructivism, to Chudov’s, Sawostiuk’s and Uspienski’s socialist realism. Those posters are intriguing, many of them beautiful, but some truly dangerous.



Every poster has a caption, containing not only information about author and date, but also translation of textual elements for non-Russian speakers. The exhibition may be accompanied by a catalogue published by local promoter. We can offer an electronic design of such a catalogue in Enlglish, free of charge and ready to print.





Our exhibition, apart from its outstanding artistic value, plays an important educational role.  It’s an excellent lesson of history, politics, culture and propaganda of the past times for rising generation.


The exhibition has been shown in six cities of Poland, achieving a tremendous success!


An exhibition in Lodz - 2003












An exhibition in Wroclaw - 2004










An exhibition in Szczecin - 2004









“Works of greatest graphic designers illustrate a hundred years of Russian and Soviet poster – from Art Nouveau to Perestroika.”


(…) the best, the most famous Russian and Soviet posters (…)”

Gazeta Wyborcza*


*the most popular newspaper in Poland

Russian poster

The Russian poster is a unique phenomenon in the history of Russian culture. Hundreds of thousands of posters were printed in Russia in the 20th century. Ruling ideology determined contents of posters. However, the poster is of interest today for its spirituality. It brings about the desire of the Russian man to perform before the people. It is a peculiarity of the national mentality.more




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